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Good News! 


We are expanding our services to accommodate the ever-growing market of re-using & repurposing.  

Do you have some quality gently used outdoor furniture that you would like to sell?  

Has the thought crossed your mind and you just don’t know where to start?  


Design Outdoors Canada makes this process simple.  We specialize in outdoor furniture and décor, so it just makes sense to let us help you sell yours.


The consignment rate we offer is a 60/40 split.  60% to you, 40% to Design Outdoors Canada.  


When your furniture is sold, a payment will be issued to you within 10 business days.  The pricing of your furniture will be determined by both parties (yes - you have input on the pricing of your furniture).  


A discount schedule will operate on a 30 day term, if your furniture is not sold in 30 days, it will be reduced by 10%, and after the next 30 days an additional 10%.


If your furniture does not end up selling after 90 days, further reductions can discussed or arrangements can be made to pick up the furniture.


We do not offer a pick-up service for your furniture but are more than happy to send to you a referral.  


Furniture should arrive to Design Outdoors Canada clean and ready to sell.   Your furniture will be staged and maintained in our outdoor showroom or in our tent on the gated property.


Send photos of your outdoor furniture for consideration

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